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Colebrook Road

The sound of Colebrook Road is a combination of straight-drive with traditional grass played by the Del McCoury Band and the Lonseome River Band, along with progressive grass done by the Punch Brothers and Billy Strings. Colebrook Road expands the definition of the genre for established bluegrass fans. Their influences expand across a wide range, from ‘90’s country, heavy metal, punk rock, to traditional bluegrass. The band has played numerous festivals around the country, and was recently joined by Billy Strings on the 2019 Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival stage. They have won bluegrass festival competitions nationwide.

The group’s latest album, Hindsight is 2020, was recorded over two sessions in February and March of 2020, with its release happening on October 22, 2021. The album consisted of 10 songs, and is suitable for newcomers and experts of the genre. They have released two albums with Mountain Fever, On Sight (2020) and Hindsight is 2020 (2021). Both broke the top ten Billboard Music Chart for Bluegrass Albums. The band released their first single with Mountain Fever Records, “On Tme,” in 2019, making #3 on the Bluegrass Today weekly radio airplay chart.

Jesse Eisenbise
Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jesse started playing guitar at age eleven in public school at his sixth grade music class. He inherited a classical guitar from his great grandfather and learned to play chords. He learned to sing harmony in church, middle school, and high school choirs. First exposed to bluegrass while living in Oregon after college, he quickly learned the mandolin, dobro, banjo, and bluegrass style flatpick guitar before starting the band with Wade in 2009. He became interested in songwriting in the mid-2000s and has been working on it ever since as the band’s primary songwriter.

Mark Rast
Banjo, Dobro, Bass Vocals
Mark started playing music in the third grade with the trumpet, and later progressed into the piano. After seeing the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on American Bandstand, Mark decided to learn the banjo. He credits a lot of his bluegrass education to his local music store in Webster Groves, Missouri. In 11th grade, he started teaching banjo lessons (clawhammer and 3 finger) at the store. He played with several bands throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. He won first place at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and second place at Merlefest (2001).

Wade Yankey
Wade started his music career in the 1990s as a drummer for a punk rock band. His interest in a Yonder Mountain String Band cover of a Misfits song led him to an interest in the mandolin. He was excited by the mandolin’s ability to be used as a percussion instrument or a melodic instrument. He started playing the guitar and mandolin while he was living in Morgantown, West Virginia in the early 2000s, and played in several string bands during that time. He lived in Hawaii briefly, then moved back to the east coast and started Colebrook Road with Jesse Eisenbise in 2009. In 2019, he became an endorsed artist for Sorenson Mandolin & Guitar Company.

Joe McAnulty
Fiddle, Baritone Vocals
Joe started playing the violin when he was around four years old, following in the footsteps of his older brother. He was influenced early by the works of B.B. King, The Steeldrivers, and Stuart Duncan. He started playing Eastern European folk music (Tambiritza) in the fifth grade at a local cultural center. In fourth grade, he started taking piano lessons, and by middle school he was learning the electric bass. He split time between choir, a garage band, and orchestra. He attended Penn State University studying music and is now the concert master of the Central Pennsylvania symphony, as well as a member of the York Symphony. He has played on the Opry stage twice, and now teaches classical violin and fiddle at the State Street Academy of Music. He joined Colebrook Road in 2011.

Jeff Campbell
Upright Bass & Tenor Vocals
Jeff started playing music with the clarinet in fourth grade and soon switched to the tenor saxophone, which he played throughout college. He taught himself electric bass in seventh grade, inspired by Led Zeppelin, wanting to play like John Entwhistle and John Paul Jones. He started singing in church when he was young, and joined choir in high school. He heard bluegrass for the first time after college when he attended a Colebrook Road show in 2009. He joined doing sound for Colebrook Road, bought a Steep Canyon Rangers’ album, and soon started playing upright bass for them.

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