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Thinking of Recording?

4-60731DA2-1005457-800There is a lot to consider before you choose where you are going to be recording. Whether it’s your first CD or your 10th, you want it to be the best recording possible. Therefore you want to record on the best equipment that you can afford. In the studio, time is money. You want to get your tracks down as quickly as possible but not be rushed to the point of having to make concessions in your music. These days, everybody knows someone who has a recording studio in their basement or garage, a buddy with an 8-track recorder, a cousin with a 4 track in their bedroom. But if you could, wouldn’t you like to do your work in a professional studio? Why Us? With all the modern recording toys available at any music store or website almost anyone can record music. But how good is it really?  When your music is on the line, you don’t want  it to be “ok”, or “good”, or “sounds alright”.  You want it to sound great.  On any given day ebay has 164,000 pro audio items for sale. Most of which were bought by musicians who wanted to record their own music and have that hit record they always wanted