Colebrook Road Releases New Album

Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the all-original full-length album from Colebrook Road, Hindsight Is 2020. It releases today and is available for physical purchase and on all major streaming platforms, or at their live performances! These five great Pennsylvania musicians have been together for four albums to date. They display solid, unique, and expanding qualities within the bluegrass traditions we all love.

Colebrook Road’s Hindsight Is 2020 is a testament to the band’s talent and to the times. Richard D. Smith further testifies… “With this album, Colebrook Road comes into focus as one of the very best young bands on the bluegrass, acoustic country, and Americana scenes. A true ensemble, expansive in creative visions and impressively balanced in virtuosic talents, its abundant original material seamlessly melds the traditional with the personal, the style with the statement, by turns thought-provoking and then just plain bright smile-bringing fun.

With Colebrook Road, a shining musical idea can either glow warmly or blaze up … where (in the title track) clawhammer banjo vies with a hybrid of Scruggs and melodic 5-string picking, and fiery fiddling, whirlwind mandolin, indomitable dobro, and precisely punctuated guitar roll on roadbed-solid bass (all the while capturing both the infectious fears and unbowed determination of a supremely challenging year) … where a bewitching waltz liltingly lifts a lady dancing alone to a jukebox … the lack of rainfall on farmland is so powerfully suggested as to be a palatable presence … harmonies are as high, lonesome and authentic as the call of the coyotes whose freedom is being celebrated … where the song arrangements have both the force of channeled rushing water and the spontaneity of shifting winds … and where a cappella gospel singing provides a true benediction.