Nothin’ Fancy – They are “UNDENIABLE”

It’s undeniable Nothin’ Fancy is one of the most beloved acts in the bluegrass circuit. If one is fortunate enough to see them perform live, they will never forget it! Nothin’ Fancy’s shows are loaded with great music, personality, and flair. Fortunately for listeners, so is the band’s latest offering from Mountain Fever Records. UNDENIABLE is the band’s 16th studio recording and critics are calling it their best yet! What a great way to celebrate the band’s 25th year! 
  • UNDENIABLE features the talents of:
    • Mike Andes – mandolin & lead and harmony vocals
    • Chris Secton – fiddle & harmony vocals
      • cello, viola & string arrangements on “Here’s To My Life”
    • Caleb Cox – guitar & lead and harmony vocals
    • James Cox – bass
    • Jacob Flick – banjo
  • The album includes all original songwriting by Mike Andes, Caleb Cox, and Chris Sexton
  • It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mountain Fever Studios in Willis, VA.
  • Nothin’ Fancy has successfully hosted their own bluegrass festival in Buena Vista, VA for 19 years.