Nothin’ Fancy – Where I Came From

Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release of a brand new album from Nothin’ Fancy. Where I Came From is available to radio today and consumers today.

Where I Came From is Nothin’ Fancy’s sophomore album for Mountain Fever Records since signing with the Virginia-based label in 2015. Nothin’ Fancy, also based in Virginia, is comprised of Mike Andes on mandolin, Mitchell Davis on banjo, Chris Sexton on fiddle, Tony Shorter on bass and Caleb Cox on guitar. On Where I Came From, the band offers more of what their fans have come to expect; excellent musicianship combined with strong material and tight vocals – making their name an oxymoron of sorts.

Journalist Ted Lehmann, who wrote the liner notes for the project, stated it best: “As they’ve grown in confidence and breadth of vision, Nothin’ Fancy’s internal creativity has taken a more prominent place in their work, containing a striking combination of Mike Andes’ songs about love and loss along with his slightly wacky but always tasteful novelty songs that tickle the funny bone without offending. Andes, himself, wrote six of the songs on this CD with work ranging from a soulful Civil War ballad to the raucous ‘Daddy Made Moonshine,’ a worthy addition to his catalog. Meanwhile gospel quartet ‘Lord, Hear My Plea’ reaches out to the heart of the seeker in a heartfelt upbeat song emphasizing the possibility of escaping darkness. Newest band member Caleb Cox has contributed two songs to the present collection, both thoughtful and moving.

As a performing band, Nothin Fancy celebrates humor and wit, both between the songs and within them. Chris Sexton, who brings a deep background in classical violin as well as a lifetime in bluegrass music, can be counted on for vivid responses, while his musical contributions contain pointed allusions to other songs and forms of music. It’s never unusual to find classical and pop references in his virtuoso fiddling around. The baritone voice in a band’s vocal trio is, perhaps, the most demanding and least audible, yet without it, singing often seems incomplete. Tony Shorter, a fan favorite as the band’s ladies’ man, is incomparable singing the baritone vocal and rock steady on the bass. Mitchell Davis’s banjo voice always brings the instrument’s joy and bounce to Nothin’ Fancy while anchoring its humor as the sneaky bad boy who doesn’t get caught.”

Where I Came From is available to radio programmers via AirPlay Direct. Consumers may download the album here or purchase a physical copy wherever great music is sold. For more about Nothin’ Fancy visit