New Music From Alan Bibey and Grasstowne

New music from Alan Bibey & Grasstowne is available today. “Gonna Rise And Shine” is the first single from an all-gospel album due later this fall.

Lauded as one of the finest mandolin players in recent decades, Alan Bibey has proven himself a viable band leader and vocalist, as well. On Grasstowne’s newest single, “Gonna Rise & Shine,”

Bibey presents a strong lead vocal supported by Grasstowne members Justin Jenkins (banjo), Zak McLamb (bass/baritone vocal), Laura Orshaw (fiddle, tenor vocal) and Mike Bentley (bass vocal). Bibey triples his song duties here with the guitar track, as well. Written by Barney Rogers, “Gonna Rise And Shine” is a lively gospel number that will have even non-believers tapping their toes.

“I’m excited for everyone to hear the single “Gonna Rise & Shine” as well as this entire Gospel project,” says Bibey. “The first time I heard this song I knew it was special and a true Bluegrass Gospel song.”

“Gonna Rise And Shine” is available as a digital download through the most popular music outlets. Radio programmers can download the single via AirplayDirect or request a digital download by emailing For more information on Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, visit