Hammertowne Drops New Album – You Can Learn A Lot From A Song

Ten years and five records. I don’t imagine any of us even considered the possibility when we released our debut project for Mountain Fever in April 2013. We’ve never really been much on a long-term plan. We’ve always just focused pretty much on making the next set of music as good as it could be. We’ve enjoyed tremendous “Grass Roots” support through the years from folks who like us seem to focus on the music and the entertainment value it holds. We’ve also enjoyed and appreciated tremendous radio support by those in the industry that again, focus on the “Music” aspect of the industry. And for that we are grateful. We found not just a business partner in Mark and Mountain Fever Records, we found a friend. One that’s always realized that we have never been much into the politics of this business and allowed us to make our music our way. Special Thanks To: Mark Hodges, Amanda Cook, Aaron Ramsey, Ron Stewart, GHS Strings, Galaxy Audio, Michael Boggs Media Support and Photography, William Waddell and Gary Cotten.



1. I’ll Blame It on the Rain – David Coriell, Mark Brinkman (Mark Brinkman Songs, BMI)
2. You Can Learn a lot from a Song – David Carroll (Madkal Music, BMI)
3. Next to Nothing – Russell D Johnson (Red Sock Publishing, BMI)
4. Take That – Bryan Russell (Bryan Russell)
5. I’m Going Home to Tennessee – Bill Castle (Yonder Hills Music, BMI)
6. Life’s Highway – Richard C Leigh, Roger A Murrah (Lion-Hearted Music, ASCAP/EMI Blackwood Music, BMI Sony ATV Publishing)
7. These Old Boots – Aaron Richards (Aaron Richards)
8. Mostly You – Evan Maynard (Maynardisms Music, BMI)
9. Can’t You Hear Jerusalem Moan – Public Domain
10. I’m Going Sailing – Christopher G Isaacs (K&A Carriere Publishing)




Dave Carroll- guitar, vocals
Chaston Carroll – mandolin, vocals
Bryan Russell-bass, vocals
Scott Tackett- vocals
Dale Thomas-banjo
SPECIAL GUEST – Ron Stewart – Fiddle

Recorded at Mountain Fever Studio, Willis, Virginia
Overdubs recorded at Jason Hale Studio, Salt Lick, Kentucky
Engineered by Mark Hodges/Overdubs Engineered by Jason Hale
Mix and mastered by Aaron Ramsey
Produced by Mark Hodges and Hammertowne
Mark Hodges, Executive Producer