Fall Like Rain Album – Justin Moses

For Immediate Release: January 22, 2021
Willis, VA – Mountain Fever Records announces the exciting new project by Justin Moses, Fall Like Rain, releasing worldwide today. Inspired planning, incredible talent, good timing, and diligent practice have culminated into an outstanding musical body of work. Justin Moses is well known as a musicians musician, a sought-after multi-instrumentalist, and backup vocalist. Today we celebrate as Justin deservingly steps into the spotlight with his first major self-produced album on Mountain Fever Records.

“Opening with a driving, grassified arrangement of Eric Clapton’s “Fall Like Rain,” we know we’re in for a remarkable set of hot picking and singing. All four instrumentals composed by Moses are tastefully rendered. “Taxland” has Gypsyjazz flavorings, while “Watershed” and “Locust Hill” are engaging. “Wise & Born” features Moses playing the Weissenborn guitar. Moses also co-penned a couple of the vocal tracks. “Walking to Lebanon” incorporates Middle Eastern influences provided by a couple Iraqi percussionists. While he sings lead on a few numbers, he also features three great guest lead vocalists (Del McCoury, Dan Tyminski, Shawn Lane). Other musicians are Sierra Hull (his wife since 2017), Bryan Sutton, Cody Kilby, Barry Bales, Stuart Duncan, Michael Cleveland, Jason Carter, Ethan Jodziewicz and Jerry Douglas. Moses’ Fall Like Rain album has an intensity that’s remarkably powerful and impressively virtuosic. It also has considerable emotional content as Justin Moses’ sound paintings surprise us with various feelings, nuances, colorings and sensitivities.” – (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report)


More reviews keep piling in and they are all raving about this new record.

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