Deer Creek Boys – “A Lot Like The Whippoorwill”

Fans of The Deer Creek Boys will be thrilled with the new music coming from the band today. Mountain Fever Records is delighted to release the band’s newest single “A Lot Like The

Whippoorwill.” In true Deer Creek Boys fashion, they bring listeners an edgy, lively and completely beautiful new song to love. It’s totally bluegrass but like nothing you’ve ever heard.




“A Lot Like The Whippoorwill” features the talents of:

Justin Tomlin – Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocal
Jason “Sweet Tater” Tomlin – Upright Bass and Lead & Harmony Vocal
Cason Ogden – Mandolin
Andy Lowe – Banjo •”A Lot Like The Whippoorwill” was written by Justin Tomlin.

•It was recorded, mixed & mastered at Mountain Fever Studios in Willis, VA
•The Deer Creek Boys are based out of Amherst, VA.
•The band was formed in1999 and celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.
•They provide a powerful blend of energetic pickin’, stirring harmonies, and top-notch songwriting.
•They have a huge following and are revered as an incredible asset in the bluegrass genre.
•”A Lot Like The Whippoorwill” is available everywhere great music is found.
•Look for a new album from The Deer Creek Boys in June!