Dave Adkins Releases Self-titled Album

 Mountain Fever Records is very proud to announce the release of today’s stellar self-titled new album by Dave Adkins. The album is now available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Mountain Fever Records,DaveAdkinsMusic.com, and many more outlets.  

Dave Adkins will kick off the release in Nashville this morning at 9:15 a.m. when he appears on WSM Radio’s Coffee, Country and Cody

show. He will be talking about today’s album release and his return performance to the Station Inn in Nashville tonight at 9:00 p.m. More upcoming album release events can be found at DaveAdkinsMusic.com
“With a rhythmically rolling banjo undercurrent, waves of fiddle and guitar raising the listener to emotional crests, Dave Adkins’ voice offers something real, something trustworthy and something thrilling to hold on to. It’s an exciting ride—this self-titled new album from Dave Adkins. Buy an extra copy; Adkins possesses the impressive kind of voice—full of personality and dimension, and instantly relatable—that you just want to share,” said Greg Victor, Parcbench.com. 
Adkins carefully chose each track for this new album. From the clever “Fool-o-sophy” co-written by Larry Cordle and Chris Stapleton to the unforgettable and beautiful “Angel Song”co-written by Corey Lee Barker and Chris Laffey, he once again proves he is a powerhouse of vocal talent. 
The impressive Singer-Songwriter contributed six original songs to the album including the first single release “Change Her Mind,” “A Whole Lot More To Tell,” and “One and Only.”  He co-wrote three additional tunes – “You Don’t Have To Go To Be Gone” with Paula Breedlove and Brink Brinkman, and two with Dawn Kenny and David Morris – the impressive “Russell Fork River” and the fast paced “Turn and Burn.” 
Country music fans will no doubt love his rendition of the hit song “Sold” made famous by John Michael Montgomery and “It’s Not Over (Til I Get Over You)” by Terry Foust, Ray Edwards, and Tom T. Hall. Radio stations have also been spinning the Kentucky flavored“Emmaline” by Michael Huffman, Richard Williams, and Alan Laney along with “Wasting Away” written by Randall Hylton. 
The full track list includes:

  1. Change Her Mind (2:22) David Ervin Adkins
  2. Emmaline (2:43) Michael Huffman, Richard Williams, Alan Laney
  3. Fool-o-sophy (3:03) Larry Cordle, Chris Stapleton
  4. A Whole Lot More To Tell (2:55) David Ervin Adkins
  5. Russell Fork River (3:51) David Ervin Adkins, Dawn Kenny, David Morris
  6. Sold (2:25) Rich Fagan, Rob Royer
  7. You Don’t Have To Go To Be Gone (2:42) David Ervin Adkins, Paula Breedlove, Brink Brinkman
  8. It’s Not Over (Til I Get Over You) (3:06) Terry Foust, Ray Edwards, Tom T. Hall
  9. Turn and Burn (2:46) David Ervin Adkins, Dawn Kenny, David Morris
  10. Angel Song (4:17) Corey Lee Barker, Chris Laffey
  11. Wasting Away (2:10) Randall Hylton
  12. One and Only (2:51) David Ervin Adkins

For more information on Dave Adkins, please visit DaveAdkinsMusic.com