Tonight We Need Your Help More Than Ever !

AGT4The competition heats up and Mountain Faith needs all of our support.  Please vote as many times as you can by phone, laptop, desktop, iPad or tablet.

They could not have gotten this far without you and we all need more positive things to vote for.  Let’s vote for some wonderful people that represent our music in the best way possible.  Faith, Hard Work and Heart…   Tonight on NBC, Vote for Mountain Faith!

Ways to vote for Mountain Faith:
Landline/house phone: Call in 10 times
Smart phone: 1. Use the app you might have downloaded 2. Go online with your phone to America’s Got Talent website, find the vote tab and use all of your emails to vote multiple times this way. 3. Call in 10 times with your cell phone!!! Three different ways to use your cell phones!!
Online: Visit the America’s Got Talent Website, find the vote tab. Log in with an email to vote, log out, use more emails over and over and over!!! Don’t forget to use all of your devices. REMEMBER you can use your cell phone to call in 10 votes as well!! Watch for the 800 number to call in on TV . Be aware the number will probably be different than last week!!!

Thank you for the votes in advance!! Have a blessed day!!