Spinney Brothers are “Gonna Catch A Train”

One of bluegrass music’s most exciting acts of 2014, The Spinney Brothers, has a fresh new single ready to hit radio today, July 8th, titled “Gonna Catch a Train,” from their upcoming Mountain Fever album Tried and True.  Wallet 6p 1CD Right GlueEnd

DJ Amy Orlomoski with WHUS Radio’s “Bluegrass Cafe” at The University of CT says,  “‘Trains’ + Hard-Driving Bluegrass = Another Winner for the Spinney Brothers!  By their own admission, these ambitious brothers are “living the dream” with chart-topping songs and sold out shows, and their ability to gain so many new fans wherever they play is amazing.  There’s absolutely no doubt that “Gonna Catch A Train” will help the Spinneys find even more folks to add to that ever-growing list of fans and friends…”
With a driving tempo and their signature southern-flavored bluegrass style, these 2013 IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year nominees continue to make big moves with their music while never forsaking their love and appreciation of the traditional homefront.
The song showcases a pulsing momentum that is bound to get lovers of bluegrass music excited.  Charlie Hall with WCYO’s The Bluegrass Express says, “If you like traditional, hard driving Bluegrass music, you’re going to love it!”
“Gonna Catch a Train,” was written by Ed Hamilton.
Currently, their previous release, No Borders, has been on Bluegrass Unlimited’s Top 15 Albums chart 12 months and is sitting at #11 for the month of July. Additionally, “I Want My Dog Back” has been on the BU Top 30 Songs chart for 9 months and it this month’s #7 song with the album having notched a #1 album status and #1 song for “Grandpa’s Way of Life” this past winter. 
Comprised of Allan Spinney, Rick Spinney, Gary Dalrymple, and newest member Terry Poirier on bass, The Spinney Brothers are originally from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and debuted in 1992, showcasing a tight brother duet vocal style that was immediately recognized for its energetic and distinctive sound. The cornerstone of their musical identity is their complete understanding and love of traditional bluegrass music with a southern flair.