Something Out Of The Blue


  1. Lonesome Highway (3:25) (Donna Hughes) Flying Hound
  2. Wake Up Call (3:45) (Dan MEnzone) Daniel Menzone BMI
  3. I Know What it Means to be Lonesome (3:11) (Clyde Moody) Bluewater   Music Services OBO Dream City Music
  4. Grey Rain (7:57) (Dan Menzone) Daniel Menzone BMI
  5. Big Black Wheels (4:03) (Elmer Burchett) Elmer C. Burchett Jr. BMI
  6. Cutting The Chords (2:54) (Dan Menzone) Daniel Menzone BMI
  7. Another Town (2:28) (Tom T. Hall) SONY/ATV Acuff Rose Music
  8. Five Play (3:44) (Dan Menzone) Daniel Menzone BMI
  9. Faith, Hope and Love (4:59) (Dan Menzone) Daniel Menzone BMI
  10. Beating Around The Bush (3:42) (Bill Kieth) Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
  11. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone (2:17) (Moon Mullican) Fort Knox Music Inc.
  12. Turnagain (3:18) (Dan Menzone) Daniel Menzone BMI



Produced by Wyatt Rice

Recorded and Mixed by Wyatt Rice

Ron Rice at Rice Mastering, Falls Church, VA

Rice Recording Studios


Astrophotography Cover Photo By Stuart Atkinson

Kneeling Designs

Digital Processing By Noel Carboni