New Music From Justin Moses featuring Dan Tyminski

Mountain Fever Records is releasing “Between The Lightning And The Thunder” Feat. Dan Tyminski the new single from Justin Moses from the forthcoming album Fall Like Rain, available worldwide today!

“‘Between The Lightning And The Thunder ” came to me from songwriters Thomm Jutz and Charlie Stefl. I was drawn in first by the lyrics of the song, and I think it speaks to the reality we find ourselves in these days. I wanted to have Dan Tyminski on this record since I’m such a fan of his singing. I loved getting to sing tenor with him on the road for a couple of years and on his “Wheels” record. This seemed like a good fit for his voice, and I was thrilled with how it turned out!” – Justin Moses



Justin Moses- harmony vocals, banjo, dobro, fiddle
Dan Tyminski- lead vocal, guitar
Sierra Hull- mandolin
Barry Bales- acoustic bass