Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice Drop New Album

Mountain Fever Records is excited to announce the release of new music from Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice.The Mountains Are Calling Me Home, Sisk’s second album for Mountain Fever Records, is available everywhere today!

By now, every diehard bluegrass fan, and even those that are just now discovering America’s music, has become enamored with the vocal talents of the International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) 2013 Male Vocalist of the Year, Junior Sisk. The native Virginian has become a staple among bluegrass festivals across the country and his latest recordings have been unbelievably well received by radio. Sisk’s 2011 album, Heart Of A Song, led by the highly successful single, “A Far Cry From Lester And Earl,” became a rallying cry for a resurgence of traditional sounds in bluegrass and received the IBMA’s 2012 Song of the Year and Album of the Year. Further, Sisk won IBMA’s 2013 Male Vocalist of the Year and he and Ramblers Choice were named the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America’s (SPBGMA) 2014 Bluegrass Band of the Year. The string of successful ventures has continued with the band signing to Mountain Fever Records and releasing Poor Boy’s Pleasure which delivered the IBMA’s 2016 Recorded Event of the Year for “Longneck Blues.” And earlier this month, Sisk won SPBGMA’s Male Vocalist of the Year.

Music fans have come to expect nothing but the best from Sisk and his ensemble (Jamie Harper on fiddle, Jason Davis on banjo, Johnathan Dillon on mandolin and Kameron Keller on bass) and he has consistently delivered, this time with his new album, The Mountains Are Calling Me Home. 11 tracks strong of everything from soulful ballads to barn-burners to heart wrenching gospel, this album perfectly weaves the fabric that is Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice.

Have a listen to the first single:  What Goes Around Comes Around

                              Track Listing
“What Goes Around Comes Around” (Daniel Salyer/Pay Low Music, BMI)
“What A Way To Go” (Jim Munday/CHAPPELL & CO.)
“Money (Will Not Save You)” (Trey Ward/Draw Four Music, BMI)
“It’s So Cold” (Wayne Winkle/Winkle Publishing, BMI)
“The Mountains Are Calling Me Home” (J.R. Satterwhite Jr./JMSR Publishing, ASCAP)
“I’m Not Listening Any More” (Ronnie Bowman, Tim Stafford/Never Wanted Nothing More Music, BMI/Daniel House Music, BMI)
“Dying To Live Again” (Curly Putman, Joe D. Lomax/Sony ATV Tree Publishing)
“Darling Do You Know Who Loves You” (Billy Cox/BMI)
“Shape Up Or Ship Out” (Daniel Salyer, Terry Foust/Pay Low Music, BMI/Creekbed Music, BMI)
“Take Time For Little Children” (G. Steve Watts/Redbud Ridge Music, ASCAP)
“You’ll Be A Lost Ball” (Jimmy Martin/Golden West Melodies Inc., BMI)

“The Mountains Are Calling Me Home is another excellent recording from Junior in the strength of the material and traditional style we’ve come to expect. He doesn’t disappoint with songs that provide sound advice for meeting life’s sometimes bumpy road, and tells us stories of relationships and teaching our children. Junior delivers with conviction and that just-right touch of emotion in his vocals.” —Bob Webster, Bluegrass for Lunch

“Junior’s latest release is destined to be another classic in a long and distinguished series of recordings from an artist who knows how to deliver a bluegrass song. And, does he deliver? Yes he does. Tie your shoes tight. Junior can knock off your socks.” —Bob Mitchell, Best of Bluegrass

“The opening cut What Goes Around Comes Around is the plaintive wait for mountain karma, done with Junior’s always present humor. The entire CD is filled with great vocals and solid tasteful picking by Ramblers Choice.” —Steve Martin, Unreal Bluegrass

The Mountain Are Calling Me Home is now available to radio via AirPlay Direct or a direct digital download by emailing a request to radio@mountainfever.com. Consumers may purchase the album now via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information on the Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice, visit www.juniorsisk.us. For more on Mountain Fever Records, visit www.mountainfever.com.