Equipment List

Here Is A List Of Our Favorite Gear

We use Peluso Microphones 99.9% of the time.

Why? Because they sound so good!

(3)      22-47 Limited Edition Tube Microphone

(1)      22-251  Tube Microphone

(4)      P 28 Pencil Tube Microphone

(2)      P12 Vacuum Tube Microphone

(1)      P Stereo Condenser Microphone

(2 pr.)  CEMC6 Solid State Microphone matching stereo pairs

(1)      P Stereo Condenser Microphone

(1)      R 14 Ribbon Microphone

(1)      T R 14 Ribbon Microphone

(1)      Shure KSM-44

(1)      Rhode NT1

(2)      AKG 414B-uls

(7)      Shure SM57

(3)      Shure SM58

(3)      Shure Beta 58

(1)      Shure Beta 52

(5)      Audio Technica Kick/Tom Special Editions

(3)      AKG C3000b

(2)      AKG C1000s

(1)      Groove Tubes  GT66


Universal Audio 8110 (8Ch)

Neve 5015 channel strip

Neve 5012 dual mic pre

Vintech 473 (4Ch)

Focusrite ISA-428 (4Ch)

Focusrite Octopre Platinum (8Ch)

Sanewave (Inboard with burrbrown mod) (8Ch)

ART Dual MP (2Ch)

Presonus MP20 (2Ch)


 Dangerous Audio BAX eq

API 2500 bus compressor

2LA-2A (2Ch)

UA 1176ln (2Ch)

DBX 162 (2Ch)

DBX 1262 (2Ch)

Art Mulit-FX

Hear Technology Hearback System (16Ch)

Misc. Other FX units

2  Rolls Headphone Amps (16 Ch)

Keyboards and Modules

Yamaha Stage 120

MAudio Midi Controller

Roland Fantom XT

Yamaha FB-01

Roland Piano V88

Drums and Percussion

Roland TD-20 Studio Set (with Extras)

LP Congas

LP Bongos

Cowbells, Zingers, Guidas, Bells, Blocks, Djimba, Shakers, Scratchers, and more….


Metal Snare w/ brushes

Guitars and Amps

1981 Fender Strat (Custom Clapton model)

2004 Fender Stratacoustic

1989 Fender Precision Bass (Sting Edition)

2006 Fender Jazz 5 String Bass (Custom)

Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 112 combo

A few other Banjos, Guitars and Mandolins laying around here and there.

1988 Fender “The Twin”

1999 Fender Custom Blues Junior

1999 Fender Satellite

Misc. Other Guitar and Bass amps

Other Misc:

2  Mackie XBUS 72 CH Mixing Boards

2  Apple G5

2 Apple G4

(1Pr) JBL   LSR-4328 Monitors

(1Pr) Focal Twin 6Be

(1Pr) Yamaha HM-50

(4Pr) JBL Control 5 monitors

4 sets AKG 240S Headpones

4 sets Beyer Dynamic DT770 Headphones

8 sets Audio Technica  ATH-M50 Headphones