Poor Boys Pleasure

Poor Boys Pleasure


  1. Lonnie Ray – Mike O’Reilly / Harpy Publishing, SOCAN
  2. Longneck Blues – Mike O’Reilly / Harpy Publishing, SOCAN
  3. Hang A Wreath – Bill Castle, Don Rigsby / Bill Branch Music (BMI), Yonder Hills Music (BMI)
  4. Land On Our Feet – Ed Williams / Draw Four Music (BMI)
  5. In This World But Not Of It – Jeff McClellan, Daniel Salyer / Blueridge West Publishing (BMI), Pay Low Music (BMI)
  6. Jimmy, JD & Paul – Tim Stafford, Barry Bales / Daniel House Music (BMI), Quackhead Music (BMI)
  7. Walking In The Blue Ridge – Milan Miller, Thomm Jutz / Songs From The Stillhouse (SOCAN), Thomm Songs/SESAC/ Bluewater Music)
  8. I Watched You Go – Dan Wells / Sandy Mush Music (BMI)
  9. Poor Boy’s Pleasure – Tim Massey, Dixie Hall, Tom T. Hall, Harry C. Sisk Jr. / Dixie Breeze Publishing (BMI), Good Homegrown Music (BMI), Dreamin’ Creek Publishing (BMI)
  10. Cold In Carolina – Terry Foust, Daniel Salyer / Creekbed Music (BMI), Pay Low Music (BMI)
  11. What About Me Lord – Harry C. Sisk Sr. / Doobie Shea Music (BMI)
  12. Ain’t Gonna’ Work Tomorrow – William York / Fort Knox Music, Inc., Trio Music Co., Inc.



Executive Producer Mark Hodges

Co-Produced by Aaron Ramsey / Mark Hodges

Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Ramsey



Junior Sisk: Lead Vocals

Kameron Keller: Upright Bass, Tenor Vocals

Jason Davis: Banjo

Jamie Harper: Fiddle

Johnathan Dillon: Mandolin, Harmony Vocals

*Special Guests: Aaron Ramsey: Guitar. Bass and Vocals on track 11.

Ronnie Bowman: Baritone Vocals on track 2. Lead Vocals on 2nd verse of track 2.

Paul Williams: Tenor Vocals on track 6.